F.I.R. Infrared short sleeve Jersey - Black


'Feel the F.I.R... '

The long awaited FIR jersey offering understated style and technology you can feel. This will turn heads for the right reasons and could give you the edge when you need it most. Aero styling with a collarless finish to the neckline, slightly longer length sleeve, finished with a smart compression gripper. The jersey is definitely race fit. A full YKK camlock zip, the front and back of the jersey are made from Coolmax with a F.I.R. coating. 

The F.I.R. 

Far Infrared Rays and their effects on the body are still being researched and there is evidence to show the benefit of harnessing this technology. The coating, developed by Biemme and applied to the jersey, reflects the body's own far infrared rays. This helps to regulate temperature, reduces sweating and help utilise water inside the body, breaking water clusters that the body does not usually release during exercise. You feel more hydrated and refreshed - perfect when training in warmer climates, ticking off the 100 climbs or whilst competing, when this could really give you the edge! 

...feel the benefit, feel the F.I.R.'

* FITTING RECOMMENDATION: The FIR jersey fits slightly smaller than our standard jerseys, we recommend men size up +1*