We are proud to support Jay du Temple on his cross-Canada tour by providing him with our cycling gear. The 32-year-old comedian recently announced on his social media platforms his intention to traverse the country, entertaining audiences in several cities including Vancouver, the Magdalen Islands, the Prairies, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

What makes this tour even more unique is that Jay has decided to incorporate a sporting challenge into his itinerary. He is traveling to each show by either running or cycling.

He is crossing Canada by mixing running and cycling to present the final performances of his show "Fin".

The journey kicked off from Montreal on May 4th heading eastward. Jay will take a flight from the Magdalen Islands to Vancouver and then return to Montreal for the opening of the Just For Laughs festival on July 18th.

It's important to note that all performances of the show will be in French. Furthermore, Jay Du Temple is using this tour as an opportunity to raise funds for the Douglas Foundation, which supports mental health research. His goal is to raise funds throughout his tour until its conclusion.

Photo credit: @Drowster

mai 13, 2024 — Logica Sport