Astana Qazaqstan Development Team celebrated a remarkable day as riders Ilkhan Dostiev and Max Walker secured victories on two continents, proudly wearing their Biemme cycling kits as they triumphed in Poland and Japan.

Dostiev emerged victorious in the final stage of the Orlen Nations Grand Prix in Poland, following a strong performance earlier in the week where he secured second place in the third stage. With determination and teamwork, Dostiev attacked on the final climb, ultimately clinching victory for Kazakhstan's national team while showcasing the reliability and performance of Biemme's cycling apparel.

Reflecting on his win, Dostiev credited his teammates for their exceptional support, highlighting their crucial role in positioning him perfectly for the decisive climb. His gratitude extended to the team for their collective effort in securing the victory in outfits designed for optimal performance and comfort.

Meanwhile, in the Tour of Japan, Max Walker kicked off the stage race with a commanding victory in the prologue, setting a strong foundation for the upcoming stages while outfitted in Biemme's cycling apparel. Completing the 2.6-kilometer course in 3 minutes and 8 seconds, Walker seized an 8-second advantage, demonstrating the reliability and quality of Biemme's kits.

Walker expressed satisfaction with his performance and the confidence it instilled in the team, acknowledging the crucial role of their Biemme clothing in their success.

These dual victories underscored Astana Qazaqstan Development Team's prowess on the international stage, highlighting the reliability, performance, and comfort of Biemme's cycling apparel. With momentum on their side, the team eagerly anticipated further success in the competitions ahead.

Photo Credits: Orlen Nations Grand Prix & Kei Tsuji

May 19, 2024 — Logica Sport