ESSENCE OF CYCLING: Three words that defines our philosophy.

Biemme is an Italian brand founded in 1978 following an entrepreneurial idea of Maurizio Bertinato. It has now become a major player in the field of technical clothing for cycling. Ever since the beginning, the company always involved Cycling Champions for the testing and improvement of the garments that produces. Precious cooperation was received from personalities such as: Hinault, Moser, Saronni and Pantani.

Biemme also involves professional teams: Panasonic, Telekom, Gewiss Ballan and many others. An internal laboratory within the company, studies and designs the products by collaborating and testing with athletes of various levels. The final product is perfected based on their recommendations.

In the course of its 30 year history, Biemme has been an innovative and expanding company; we might want to remember the first textile crotch created in 1984 which is now of everyday use. Up until 1984 crotches were assembled in leather and not in cotton or technical materials as done nowadays.

In occasion of Biemme’s 30th anniversary, the company launched  the CARBOION Collection, a new clothes range destined to change the cyclists way of dressing. This innovation is characterized by the use of stretch material and carbon fibers; scientific tests have proven the technical contribution of this revolutionary fiber.

Biemme provides a full range of clothing, from the cyclo-turist to the pro rider.